Sunday, 29 July 2012


So ive deleted all recent post and starting off fresh and i would like to start with creepers as they seem to get very popular and i seem to like them even more than i did last year but im thinking of purchasing them just for work the plain black as all recent pairs of shoes have only lasted about 3/4 weeks at the most and ive gone through 3 since starting my job and thought the sole on the creepers look reasonable and nice but at the price at £90 i was looking at other websites to find a cheaper deal so these are the sites that i found and sell likeable creapers and alot cheaper and ill properly surprise myself and buy another pair like the navy or burgundy.
asos £35  £29.99
mr shoes £26.99
newlook £24.99
Black (Black) Black Loiter Brothel Creepers | 259607601 | New Look


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